Living In Paradise! But… Where Is It?

A whole lot of people refer to beautiful white sandy beaches, warm and tropical climate places as ‘Paradise’. Note that only people who have never lived in any of these kinds of places use the ‘P’ word!

Ambergris Cay, Belize

I have searched some online dictionaries to find out what their definitions of paradise is. I have found that there are a few descriptions of the word and that each religion and belief have their own. But in the more generic meaning, there is a consensus of the main definition.

According to The Free it is ‘a place of ideal beauty or loveliness’ and ‘a state of delight’. The Merriam Webster returns this; ‘a place or state of bliss, felicity, or delight’. And according to me, paradise is a word for which there are as many definitions as there are people on earth! We each, as unique individuals, have our own vision and idea of what paradise is.

Sunset behind my house

My vision of paradise is easy; it’s a place that is perfect (now that’s another word with lots of definitions…)! So, the weather is always clement. In my paradise, I would have the power to control it! There would not be any floods, earthquakes or any natural disasters ever. Next, no diseases or health issues, and no one would ever go hungry. Of course, there is no crime. In the local language of this serene planet there are no words for rape, abuse, murder, child pornography, theft… because it just doesn’t exist! And the doors have no locks. Actually, locks don’t even exist either! On planet paradise, these things have never been thought of or heard of! It is also a place where everyone is kind and loving. There are no criminals, scammers, thieves, abusers… Everyone is gentle, and smart too!

Pure harmony, no matter what we look like!
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The Cat’s Meow by Phyllis Montoya in Santa Fe, NM

So for me, paradise cannot exist on planet earth. Or can it? Besides controlling the weather and eradicating diseases, what if every really bad person on the planet were to disappear all at the same time, like flicking a switch. And from that moment on no woman, child or anyone would ever get raped or abused, no one would get robbed, and you can forget about carrying those stupid key chains! But if this was to happen, could there be a shortage of people to keep the planet going?

My point on this post is not to dampen the spirit of people who refer to those exotic places as paradise, because in many a days, when I lay in my hammock while reading my book and listening to the birds and the creek, it sure does feel like it!

What is your vision of paradise? Tell us in the comments and let’s see what is in your dream!


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2 Responses

  1. Ha Paradise!

    It evokes Milton’s epic poem, Paradise Lost and Regained in a simplistic approach.

    Or Paradise Lost, Regained and Hope. Just to add to it a famous French quote to it where “Hope is the dream of a soul awake.”

    Paradise, nebulous and fleeting in the subconscious musings of the mind. Mankind yearns for Paradise in a make belief illusion that it is within terrestrial reach.

    But in human terms it was divinely ordained that man shall live by the sweat of his brow. (Book of Genesis).

    So, despite the staggering beauty and the glory that the last frontiers of an uncontaminated Earth may portray as being closest thin to Paradise, mankind’s inherent pursuit of survival “by the sweat of the brow” will prevail.

    For me, Paradise is what we make out of life, day by day. Whatever it is that our puny minds can carve out as being the most sensible way to live, day by day.

  2. I think I have found my paradise because there is no snow here ha ha. Nowhere is perfect but how I feel living in the tropics (the glow has not worn of after 3.5 years) I can tell this is pretty darn close.

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