Health Issues When Living Abroad

The number one question we get from prospect buyers is “why are you selling?”. This is a reasonable question that all of us always ask ourselves when looking at purchasing a property. It comes from wondering if there’s something wrong with the place, and also it is just plain curiosity! Our first reason for selling is regarding health.


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Before making the “big move”, don’t forget to spend some time researching and exploring all that is health related.
1- How am I doing personally?
Do I have insurance that will cover me abroad?
What health care is available in the country I am moving to?

If you currently have insurance, you need to ensure that they provide ‘worldwide’ or ‘overseas’ coverage. Many insurance companies do not offer it, or have different range of restrictions and exclusions. They might tell you you’re covered, but for how long? Many policies will cover you abroad but they have a maximum length of time that you are allowed out of the country until the coverage stops.

If you don’t have insurance, it is easily available to purchase online. Take time to do some research and there are good resources over the internet. A site I like is Insurance To Go as they give you a comparison table of their different plans, coverage, premiums, limits and deductibles. Many other websites out there will also give you that information.


Now be ready for the questionnaire people. This is 2008 and it shows! On one questionnaire, they asked; “Have you ever had a headache. If yes, explain below”. Now, can anyone answer ‘no’ to that? So here it is… if you answered ‘no’, you lied and that can be used for refusing to cover/pay a claim. Now if you answered ‘yes’, that can be used for refusing to cover/pay a claim on the grounds of ’pre-existing condition’! Here’s another one; “Do you have any tattoos? If yes, provide size and location”. Hmmm, pretty hard to lie there! So if you do, I imagine any type of blood related illnesses or diseases could be ‘rejected’! And on that questionnaire, they also asked about piercings! But that questionnaire seemed to be unusual. Health insurance applications are generally pretty standard.

When studying coverage, do not waste time with little things like a broken arm. Something like that can be fixed pretty much anywhere and paying for it won’t ruin you! Instead concentrate on more important issues such as ’Emergency Air Evacuation’ to the nearest facility in your country and/or their network. In case of such as a car wreck, a heart attack that leaves you immobilized, you might be in need of urgent and special (expensive) care that is not available in the country where you live. Coverage to look more into are those that can ruin you financially such as cancer, liver disease, anything that would require long term and specialized treatments. So don’t fret about a broken leg or a tooth cavity!

And very important, don’t forget to “always” carry your insurance card with you in case you are alone and unconscious. That can save your life as with this card the medical attendants can immediately call the right place.

As for us this being a reason for selling, we have found out we are uninsurable! Well, they will let us pay the premium, but due to some pre-existing conditions it seemed to us that there would be very few things that they would cover. Being in our mid-forties, we have decided that it is something to consider seriously and relocating back to Canada is our safest bet. The other important reason to relocate has to do with telecommunication problems when living in a 3rd world country.


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6 Responses

  1. Insurance is the pits…it’s a shame it has to dictate what so much of us can do with our lives (like I have to stay at my job because of it!) I can see how the decision to return to Canada would be a difficult but necessary one 😦

  2. Hi TropiCat,

    Geez! I have missed out on a few of your recent Posts. I had a busy time rebuilding my BLog after a mishap which wiped out all my BLog’s data. 😦

    At my latest Post “The Joys in living a Village Life” I have promoted you BLog to my visitors. It is not quite the same joy that you are living – just reminiscing my childhood.


    By the way, I have something that you might wish to try because I did and it rapidly multiplied visitors at my BLog.

    Be a member of EntreCard. Register your BLog at:

    The EC members are very active and committed compared to BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog.

    You have a very strong “Green” message that is inherent with your BLog theme. You ought to evangelise what you are doing – the world needs to be reawakened to basics.

    I shall return!

  3. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

  4. I hope your relocation goes well.

    I have bumped up my exercise plan since living in Belize and made it a consistent part of my life now in order to fpcus on good health.

  5. hi, you got some exact nice posts here

    terribly practical and reassuring poop

  6. Also in our mid-forties, we are finding medication incidentals are cheaper than back in Canada, and pharmacy staff are well knowledgeable in Cayo. For the expensive medications, we are finding there is almost always a natural medicine man solution… It is a great idea to find a bush med person, preferably Mayan, to help. We’ve learned that many drugs were derived from local flora…

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