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  1. I placed a link to your blog on

    By the way, I used Harry as well to install the satellite dish.

    He really knows his business!

  2. Life in the semi-desert of southwest Oklahoma, USA is nothing like being in the middle of the jungle. But living in the country I have been faced with many of the same problems you write about. Enjoyed reading your adventures..

  3. My oh my how times have changed from our days in Grand Cayman! Do you still remember our trip to the Brac where you & I stayed in the “slave” quarters and everyone else had the plush accommodations? What a fun time we had! I will NEVER forget our good times together at DFD—they were some of the best days of my life. You look great—not changed a bit. Pls. let me know when you plan to return to North America.
    Love, Your Pet xoxox

  4. Bonnie my Pet!

    You bet I remember those good times 🙂 How could I ever forget!

    As for when we are returning to North America, it is all in fate’s hands as it all comes down to when we sell the property…

  5. hi,
    Can i see your set up? want to go solar but i don’t have a clue how to go about this in Belize.

  6. Hi,

    Just read your blogs and loved it. We are planning a move to Belize (San Antonio) in the very near future and don’t have a clue where to start, can you help? I have too many questions to ask on a blog, but if you get back to me it would be great.
    What kind of business do you have down there?

  7. Salut Klod !
    Super ton site.. et très intéressant !.. j’ai commencé a lire.. et je compte bien continuer !..


  8. Hi,

    What are you asking for the house? I am considering moving to Belize?


  9. Hi, I lived for 1.5 yrs with the upper barton creek mennonites and then 1.5 yrs in the jungle another hour beyond the BC cave.
    I was wondering where you have built your house. I think bill and cathy and the bogarts are the only expats still there. have patty and irene sold? mervin? ken and sue? mike and nancy? elium?
    i may need to get the satellite internet connection in dominica. how much do you pay per month?

  10. Hi Derek,

    Bill & Cathy are still here. They live next to us, moved from Patty’s land, which he sold a few years back to an American woman. Bogarts are all here still. The land Ken and Sue used to live on (Rosanne’s) is the land we bought. Ken and Sue are now living in 7 Mile. As for Mervin, Mike & Nancy, Elium… I don’t know who they are 😦

    The basic package for satellite is us$60 per month.

  11. Just found your blog and love it. My wife and I are planning on doing similar on 15 acres in Billy White. Got so many problems and obstacles ahead of us that it’s nice to know someone else has surmounted them. Biggest problem right now is finding a new, local (San Ignacio or Belmopan) architect and contractor. Previous architect is in Corozal and wasn’t a practical solution with travel and mileage charges.

    We are also cat lovers and had the picture of the cat being strangled by a python forwarded to us. Actually more worried about ticks and fleas.

  12. Hi Phil,

    Billy White is beautiful. We did look at a property there before we decided on Barton Creek. And yes, the fleas and ticks are more of a concern than the snakes for the cats!

    I’ll be in touch and hopefully we can meet!

  13. Hello
    We are starting to do an eco community in the Cayo area in Belize.

    Any really good solar contractors that you know of.

    im a canadian from ontario, but my roots are from Quebec, with my father coming from Montreal.

    looey Henri Tremblay

  14. Hi Looey,

    I do not know of any solar contractor personally. There is a company in Belmopan and I know that Computer Ranch in Spanish Lookout is starting in the solar business.

    We did our system ourselves with the help of a friend solar guru. We bought the solar panels directly from the manufacturer in China, so we saved thousands of dollars. We bought inverters etc in Canada and carried them with us when we drove down.

  15. Hello Justin,
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  16. Alloooooooooo,
    Bon je crois que j’ai tout lu.
    C’est très intéressant.

  17. I came across your sit looking into solar in belize. My wife and I are currently designing our home in belize but have been using solar for our water pumps and other equipment. we have a good construction crew who has built 4 different places for us and our friends… but I am more interested in the panel alignment. how much have you done and will you share the info???
    I hope to hear back from you.

  18. Hi Blake,

    In what area of Belize are you building?

    I would gladly share info. Since being on solar for 2 years now, and that being the first time in my life, I am so sold! Solar is efficient and reliable.

    As for panel alignment, you can read my post “Solar Panels Placement & Sun chart Creator”. My husband and I have set up our system ourselves, with the guidance of a friend expert in solar.

    You can email me, and I’ll try to help as best as I can.

  19. Loved your blog. I’m a mechanical engineer and a surfer from the west coast of California. Looking for work and would like to help those with a need for Solar, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical design and construction. If you have some contacts for me, I would be very appreciative. I need to orient myself within boh the construction industry and social circles of like-minded people in Belize.

  20. Hi Dan,

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I have sent you a personal email in regard of your request.

  21. Can you send me more details and inside pic’s of the house. Would the property be suitable for an Holistic Health Resort? (the best in the world in terms of holistic treatment and prevention:-)

    I appreciate any information

  22. Just put a Link on my Blog to your site! Check it out!!


  23. Hi. I am working way through your excellent blog. Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying it. Having been through the setup learning curve (solar power, water, insects, dogs, cats, boats and many more) I find a huge synergy.
    We have a small fishing resort on the beach just north of Monkey River, in Toledo. We have been here 4 years and loved every (well nearly!) minute of it.
    If you or any of your readers wants to be in contact please drop us an e mail!

    • Hi Chris,

      I just visited your website, very well done! Your place looks beautiful and if we ever take some time off and go that way, we sure will stop by for a visit! During our first trip to Belize, we visited Placencia, but did not make it to Monkey River.

      “The learning curve”, yeah, that was an amazing experience. Tough at times, but the end result is one of the most rewarding life experiences! And the knowledge gained is truly invaluable!

      A quick friendly suggestion for your website. When I visited your blog, after reading a few posts (which by the way were also awesome and well written), I could not find a direct link back to Having a prominent link back to your website in your sidebar would be very useful to your visitors.

      Keep up the good life, and I hope we can meet one day 🙂

  24. Hi tropicat. I have been looking at property in Belize for a while now. Absoulutely fed up of England! Was last in Belize 15 years ago! I spotted yours on one of the real estate sites and was absoutely smitten. I have since registered with this site and found your Blog, which is excellent.
    The good news is I am coming to Belize this month. I fly to Cancun on 17th and then by ADO bus onwards. Intend to spend time in Cayo district, hope get as much info as possible, as well as exploring and
    visiting places I last saw in 94.
    I hope to rent a 4×4 to allow greater freedom for exploring and wondered if you had any recomendations? Any other advice or info will be gratefully received.
    Best Regards


  25. Dear Tropicat,
    I am currently in Belize and interested in aquiring some land. Some time ago I heard that a Mennonite community in Belize produces ready made cabanas/houses. Can you give me any information as to where they produce them.

    By the way you have a great site.


    • Dear Ian,

      I am glad you enjoy my blog! Many Mennonite home builders are in Spanish Lookout. There’s Pletts, Tobar’s, Midwest Lumber. There might be others that I don’t know about. I have also read in the Belize Forums that there are some in the Orange Walk District, Corozal area. But if you are in Cayo, then definitely go spend a day in Spanish Lookout.

  26. Hi Tropicat,
    I’d like to discuss a trade. I have a property in Florida and another in Western Canada.

    I’d like to chat about health concerns.

    Please respond to my email address with additional photos of the property if possible.


  27. My husband and I are seriously thinking of retireing in Belize have been there before and loved it. We are trying to investigate how to go about this. Any suggestions?

  28. Hi there; I too live in Belize, however highschool is just beyond ridiculous when it comes to footing the bill, things are very tight so… home schooling seems to be the thing to do. Can you give me any tips as to where and how to find a reputable online program. Help.

  29. I am a nature lover and environmentalist.I like to join with some body who willing to live in Belize.I believe there are many who like nature living and enjoy with green world.i like to work at voluntary service.Hi TropiCat, Anna and Elza.

  30. Yes friends my address is ,Dr Walter Jayewardene, 61/3 Old Road, Nawala, Rajagiriya. Sri Lanka.
    tel 00 94 11 2 867864

  31. Excellent site, keep up the good work. I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read.. <a href=";


  32. We are considering moving from to Texas to Belize. We would like to build on some acreage possibly in a jungle area as you have done. We have the skills to do so but I don’t know where to buy land, who to contact, etc. What info do you have for someone who wants to start the process?


  33. I’m sorry about the health issues that are forcing (have forced?) you to leave your dream home in Belize. Hope you’re better soon.
    I, too, deal with cats and love them, all sizes. I care for domestics with health problems in Northern California (Manila Cat Haven) and have heard that Rigrat (The Belize Forum) is having problems with ferals at his bird rehab. facility in Belize. I’m hoping to retire there and perhaps I can help with the feral population problem. They really do have an impact on the local fauna and are not indigenous to the area. I am a no-kill facility and we have had a fund wherein we trap ferals, have them “fixed”, and return them to the wild. Eventually the problem is solved if the “natives” (of all countries) can be educated NOT to dump their pets.
    You have a great blog and I appreciate all the info therein. It isn’t too much different than the “sticks” in the U.S. or Cairo, Egypt (but much friendlier!) Being a woman alone, it will just make it harder to watch them “like a hawk”…..

  34. Thanks for all the good posts. I read almost everything you wrote. It is a dream of mine to end up in the tropics with enough land to raise food and be self sufficient. I’ve been to Mexico and Costa Rica, but neither of them seemed perfect. A friend of mine is in Panama, but it seems exceptionally expensive. Your articles paint a nice but seemingly realistic picture of northern(?) Belize. We stopped in Belize City on a cruise ship stop and had a good time. You could feel the undercurrent of political rumbling. Is that just related to the city, or is it strong throughout the country? I realize this can be a tender issue, so if you want to answer to my email, you have it with this post.

    • Hello Todd,

      Sorry for the delayed reply. This property is located near San Ignacio, so it is southern/western Belize. If you visit Belize, you will find how different each part is even though it is a very small country. Seeing Belize City does not reflect the rest of Belize at all. It is a good idea to go down there and spend 2 to 3 weeks touring all parts and see what each one has to offer.

      Good luck and I hope your dream comes true 🙂

  35. hi there, came across your site as i am looking at visiting and staying in southern mexico or belize with a friend or maybe 2. And I was looking for mennonite communities because I consume raw dairy products, milk cream butter and cheese and all organic veggies and eggs. I would like to know about your experience at the community and whether they indeed have all the raw milk and great food and if it is plentiful and available to someone who visits the farm? Also wanted to know how you came about to live with them and where they are located in belize. Also i see they grant a 30 day visa and wondered how you continued to stay there so long and what that process is? Thanks so much, and i hope we can continue to be in contact, as I have many questions, but want to keep it simple for now
    take it easy, thanks for sharing your experience and wisdom youve gained
    i did email you also, so i hope you only respond once

    • I know this question,, renew your 30 day visa 6 times and you can apply for for time status.. They love a honest person.. lol

  36. I have two lots in Placencia -Belize and I’m looking for someone who can do land clearing and filling.Any recommendations

  37. Looking for someone to do land clearing and filling in Placencia-Belize.Anybody you know and recommend

  38. Hi, wow I love your story. I live in Winnipeg as a contractor. A real I want to move to Belize and will be in January. I have to find work so if you can point me in the right direction, I can do a fine job for the clients. let me know your thoughts.. Thank you in advance for calling.. 204 221 5210, home, 204 871 2198 cell

  39. Hi folks, I have a second question, I have built a large amount of agricultural buildings here in Manitoba. I am a farmer by birth so raising cattle, sheep and pigs would not be a stretch of the imagination.. I’m looking for a farm to lease with the hopes of developing a pork market.. Any Ideas? thanks again..M.

  40. Dear Tropicat,
    Macarena Rose referred me to your blog because she said you used to live in the property next to the one in Barton Creek I am interested in looking at when I visit Belize in the near future. Any information you could share with me pro or con about the place , the area would be most appreciated Shalom Terry Spence

  41. Hello Tropi, Great Blog…. ! Are you still at it ? as the last entry I see is March of 2011 ??
    Always wanted to check out Belize, have lived in Fl. for many decades now . I stumbled on your site looking for Poison wood remedies/cures. But you don’t say how you got the rash to finally go away for good, or did you ? mine has been lingering for months. By the way the tree also grows in Florida…… The Keys specifically.
    hope to hear from you as its now 2013……Lol !!
    PS I am a builder, can work still be done down there under the radar like was once the way here in south Fl ? or have regulations and municipalities permeated their need for control everywhere ? No money to be made here.

    • Hi Bob!

      We sold the property in 2009 and are now back in Canada. There wasn’t much rules for construction in the jungle. In cities or towns they might watch a bit more closely, but Belize is still very relaxed. It is not an easy place either to make money as it is a poor country. But many expats manage to make a living. I’d say there’s one way to know and it is to give it a try!

      As for the poison wood rash, I guess the best you can do is sooth it with lotions. As far as healing, it does take time (forever!) and time is the main thing… Poison wood trees are also present in many caribbean islands.

      Good luck with the rash and your ventures 🙂


  42. Hi Tropicat and others,

    I just sent you an Email Tropicat. Congratulations for your web site and it’s very useful information. As I mentioned in my email, we are a family of three with other investors thinking about starting a new off-grid community of like-minded preppers as described roughly in the email. Your input would be valuable.

    If anyone here thinks they might possibly be interested in starting or participating in such a community of like-minded preppers, please get back to me and we will discuss this privately and see if we are compatible and have similar goals. Experts advise that having like-minded people with similar goals is very important. I looked into the existing prepper communities in the Cayo district but they all seems to have important flaws or are incompatible with what I have in mind. I am not a very religious person but I have nothing against religious people either. If you have a mindset close to what is described on this web page ” “, please get back to me so we can discuss this privately.



  43. Good Morning TCat,

    Just found your blog when I googled “Banol for dogs.” I was looking for the ratio just to be sure I understood the Spanish directions. I had used previously on my old dog who passed three years ago, but as a once a month dip.

    I notice you use as a yard spray and also as a dog spray. I did not know that it could be used this way.

    Could you post the ratio for the two?


    C. Bailey
    Consejo Village

  44. How do I follow your blog?? I can’t seem to see anywhere where I can link to you.

  45. Ok thank you. Love the topics!!! Keep blogging!

  46. Then take it down ⁉️ It’s still going out wide spread.

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