The Domestic Cats’ Life In The Jungle

Thinking of relocating your city house cat in the jungle? Cats are adventurous creatures and adore walking the trails with their servant (yes, that would be me!). They are great survivors in the jungle. One of the best hunter mammals, catching a bird is not that hard! What they catch mostly are geckos (lizards), frogs and all kinds of flying bugs.

So, if you’re thinking of relocating your city house cat in the jungle, it might be more challenging for him. In order to better survive in the outdoors, climbing trees has to be second nature, which makes the city cat much more vulnerable. The domestic cat does have predators and dangers lurking around such as snakes, scorpions, poisonous spiders, Tayra which I have seen one stalking one of our cats, and a few others. The other problem is that those adorable domestic rodents love to chase and catch some of those possibly harmful critters!

Our cats were born and raised in this environment, so they are quite familiar with all of it. I once read a story in the Belize Forum about a city house cat who moved to the east coast of Belize with its servants. One fatal day, the cat saw a large boa and was intrigued. With its instincts off, he approached to investigate what that was. And, the worse did happen…



But even the local cats are not immune to being prey or getting injured. Audrey, also called Lit’l Bear, got home one evening in terrible pain and very agitated. She was jumping, twitching, scratching and biting herself. Her breathing was fast and really hard with her mouth open, plus her hearth was beating a million miles an hour… I looked her over and could not find any wound or blood. This lasted about an hour or so and then she slowly came back to normal. She is now just fine… I believe it might have been a scorpion sting! I got so scared of losing my sweet, stunningly gorgeous, little girl…

If a small animal survived a scorpion sting, it’s a good sign for people! Some scorpion stings can be fatal, but fortunately those kinds are extremely rare or not around. So a scorpion sting won’t kill you, but it sure will cause great pain for a short time! Here is a short and informative article from Belize about scorpions.


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6 Responses

  1. Hi TropiCat,

    Sorry, I’ve been away for some time. It had a lot to do with the my shift to WordPress and hosting it externally. It’s all new to me and learning it the hard way.

    Ahhh! your luvly cats and nice oics and stories too about them.

    Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Thanks for the post! We are getting ready to move our city cat down to Costa Rica!

  3. Hello Heather,

    Good luck with your move, and give your kitty a big hug for me 🙂

  4. We are planning to retire in belize. When we bring our cat ( he’s an outdoor fair weather hunter), will we have to leave him in quaritine. I don’t think we could survive that.
    thanks for reply, david & leah

    • Hello David & Leah,

      There are no quarantine in Belize, Kitty will need to have specific shots with certificates from a certified veterinarian…

      The procedures are quite simple as all you need is a valid import permit from BAHA (Belize Agricultural Health Authority) the Belize government department handling these matters
      This page has 2 links; one to “The Procedure for the Acquisition of Import Permits” and one is the actual Application Form. To contact them I “highly” recommend phone, not email. Gov Depts in Belize are really bad at responding to emails!

      I hope this helps >^..^<

  5. Oh please people! Do the native flora and fauna a favor and don’t take cats to sensitive wildlife habitats. Bird populations are declining and outdoor cats rank among the top ten reasons.

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